New Orleans Oyster Fest

New Orleans Oyster Fest So this weekend I’m heading down with the parental units to New Orleans for Oyster Fest. It is relatively new and one of their lesser known “fests”, but I’m excited about it.

I haven’t been to NOLA since Mardi Gras 2004 and let’s just say that trip was one that took me 9 years to recover from. Mardi Gras is something everyone should do once…the operative word being “once”.

This post is really a preamble to the big post i’m planning on making upon my return. I’ll post lots of pictures of the food and atmosphere that make New Orleans New Orleans.

I have to admit I have a real love/hate relationship with NOLA. I feel like I’m supposed to like it, but almost every time I go is a royal clusterfuck. I’m hoping this is one of the few times that isn’t. But my travel details have very little wiggle room and do not involve a youth hostel this time. Ew. Thank God.

There is one place that I’d really like to go, but it’s way too far from where we are staying at where the festival will be. But in case you’re wondering, this is it.
If anyone’s been there, let me know if it as wonderful as I’ve heard.

Can’t wait!

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