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The TasteBelow is a link to a great, albeit long, article on the evolution of Food TV and those chefs who have decided to bow to the TV devil. It did help me to understand why The Layover is ending so soon after No Reservations. Looks like Mr. Bourdain is moving onto… *shudder* …network television with his latest venture, ABC’s The Taste.

I used to be an avid Anthony Bourdain admirer, having made more than one post on Facebook in regards to his attractiveness, but after watching him completely crap all over my favorite BBQ joint, Fat Matt’s Rib Shack in one of his latest episodes of The Layover, my love affair has all but died. And now with his new show, I can’t help but feel like he’s sold out. Seems a little late in my book especially since his whole schtick is being “real” and not taking any shit…

Whatever, dude… A brother’s gotta get paid, I guess.

Eat Bray Love: The corruption of Anthony Bourdain, the return of Emeril Lagasse, and the state of food television

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